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  • Carol Bloor lit a candle on 09/06/2020:
    "Darwin, you are remembered and treasured. Carol"

  • Kevin Marg Sandst lit a candle on 09/10/2020:
    "Our hearts and thoughts are with Sandy at this difficult time. We are still in shock from hearing the heartbreaking news of Darwin's passing. We have enjoyed many laughter filled dinner parties and get together's over the years.He and Sandy have been wonderful neighbors in the Okanagan. We will miss him dearly. Rest in peace Darwin. Kevin & Marg Sandst "

  • Miriam Evan Sherris lit a candle on 09/07/2020:
    "We were speechless when Sandy called to tell us Darwin had passed away! We still can’t believe it. Just a few short weeks ago we were all hanging around our kitchen having a cocktail and telling stories. One is never prepared for losing a spouse, especially when it is so unexpected. We can not imagine how Sandy is feeling, let alone managing the curve ball life has thrown her. Darwin was a great friend and summer time neighbour. We were blessed and privileged to know him and able to share a few of life’s experiences together; he will truly be missed. With love at this sad time, Miriam & Evan Sherris"

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  • Colleague

    Ian Weatherdon

    "I am deeply saddened to hear of Darwin's passing. His boundless energy, positive attitude and laugh were infectious. He had a positive impact on all those around him. "

  • Ms.

    Carol Bloor

    "Darwin made the world a better place - a fun place. He was a real friend. In business, he set high standards and defended his principles. We've lost one of the best, and way too soon."

  • Former colleague

    Albert Elliott

    "So sorry to hear of Darwin’s untimely passing ... privileged to work with him for 10 years at Talisman Energy and see him from time to time in the community since his retirement ... his humour and friendship will be missed by many. Sincere condolences to Sandy and the extended family"

  • Brother in Law

    Cy O'Dell

    "Dearest Sandy and Brenda. I am so sorry for your loss. Darwin always treated me like a real brother. His kindness and generosity will always be with me."

  • Dr

    Bob Mitchell

    "Dot & I are truly saddened to hear of Darwin’s passing. We worked together for many years in Talisman and I was always impressed by his superb knowledge of Canadian oil and gas properties..he was my reference source. His infectious laughter could always be heard along the corridors.. He will be missed by many. Our sincere condolences to Sandy and the extended family at this sad moment in time"

  • Colleague

    Rod Wade

    "Darwin: Full of energy and resounding laughter; never out of his (diving) depth. He will be remembered fondly by all, and missed intensively by his family, especially Sandy."

  • Friend

    Jane Lea Dahlgren

    "Brenda, we were saddened to hear of Darwin's passing. I hear Darwin's laugh every time I think of him. My thoughts are with you, Cy, Alyssa and Sandy. So sorry for your loss. "

  • Colleague

    David Maddison

    "I had the privilege to work for and alongside Darwin for over 20 years at Talisman and BP Canada. He was energetic, enthusiastic, smart and fun. Deepest condolences to Sandy and his loved ones. "

  • Ms

    Jackie Pyke

    "Darwin was a gem, truly a unique individual and tons of fun to work with all while maintaining a high level of integrity. His laugh could be heard around the entire floor. He will be dearly missed. Jackie Pyke & Evan Hazell"

  • Ms.

    Suma Mathew

    "I was really saddened to hear of Darwin's passing. He was genuinely a good human being. He truly cared about the people around him. His passion for life came through in everything he did. I will always remember his laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with Sandy."

  • Former Colleague

    Denis Duke

    "I was deeply sorry to hear of Darwin's untimely passing. We worked together on many sale and purchase deals at Talisman Energy. He was an expert in the creation and management of such transactions. He alway generated lots of laughter with his excellent sense of humour. It was a great pleasure to work with him."

  • Ms.

    Bindu Wyma

    "I was very sad to hear of Darwin’s passing. Darwin was a wonderful person in so many ways; bright, kind and so full of life. I feel very lucky to have had his guidance and friendship during the many years we worked together and also after he retired. Sincere condolences to Sandy."

  • Mr.

    Neil Dalby

    "So sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to Sandy. Darwin had a profound impact on my life. He took a chance on me when Talisman bought Pembina Resources. He accepted me into his group. Through Darwin I learned a lot about business and enjoyed doing so. Darwin was an easy person to like and made going to work something you could look forward to. He made workplaces fun with his infectious personality. "

  • colleague

    Mike Van Hee

    "This is such sad news. Darwin was a very memorable person to work with. He created a huge amount of value for Talisman and most importantly made it a better place to work for everyone around him. Condolences to his family."

  • Colleague

    Richard Emery

    "Darwin was the very best of the best at his craft from whom I learned do very much. Darwin's wisdom, enthusiasm and witty humor always made for a great day at the office. RIP Darwin, we have lost a very special person far too soon"

  • Colleague

    Bill Malanchuk

    "I am very saddened to hear of Darwin's passing. I don't believe in the finite energy amount of a human life but if there ever was an argument for it Darwin would be appropriate. His continual high level of energy, excitement, laughter and recreational activities were amazing to behold. I didn't work with Darwin for a very long time but the time I did was most definitely a privilege."

  • Colleague

    Jennifer Ranger

    "Jim and I were so shocked to learn of Darwin’s untimely passing. The years I spent in Darwin’s group were truly some of the funnest of my career. As others have mentioned, his laugh carried down halls and through walls. He was a hard worker and was always in the office early (like I’m talking 6:00 am). He was a great teacher and mentor, but always reminded me that sh*t rolls downhill. If I ever whined about a transaction not going according to plan, he would quip “sucks to be you, JR!” I know he was devoted to his family, and completely in love with Sandy. He was an inspiration and I know he will be missed. "

  • Colleague

    Joyce Scully

    "Thinking of you Sandy, and your extended family. Remember the good times, the love, the laughter, the hugs, as they will help you through the challenging days ahead. I was blessed to have worked with both of you."

  • Ms.

    Roni Haugen

    "Darwin inspired so many of us to be better than we ever thought we could be. He brought joy and humour to even the toughest situations. He treated everyone with respect and made you feel important no matter your role. Condolences to Darwin’s wife and family. His zest for life and unique laugh will never be forgotten."

  • School Chum

    Dale Moore

    "Brenda I was surprised to hear about Darwin's passing. I still think of all of you as kids which is bizarre considering my age. He could always make me laugh and handle any electronic thing we threw at him for drama club. It makes we sad to hear you have lost him so soon and so suddenly. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sandy at this difficult time. He will be missed by all who knew him. "

  • Colleague

    Jim MacLean

    "The legacy that we leave is much more about the way in which we impact others, rather than individual accomplishments. While Darwin had many professional accomplishments, he will always be remembered very fondly for our interfaces with him as a peer, as a leader and as a friend. It was a joy to work with Darwin and to benefit from his expertise, his encouragement and his support. I will always smile when I think of his mischievous cackle. He has left us far too soon. My condolences to Sandy and the other members of the family. "